Mr.Hand’s shrug

23 Oct

Sigh….You smell like garlic dude. 20121018-225731.jpg



Cockroaches definitely know that I HATE them!!!!

25 Apr

Okay seriously, how many people are brave enough to deal with cockroaches?! I really CAN’T deal with cockroaches 😦 And I had NEVER dealt with them since I have a great family and friends. Seriously, why on earth do they have so many legs or arms whatever they are and WHY are they so shinny??? WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!????

I saw this creature in couple of days ago at Hanamitiii’s BRAND NEW place. HOW DOES IT POSSIBLE!!!!!????? AT NEW PLACE!!!! Fortunately TT was around that time so I didn’t have to experience AWFUL fight with that thing.

I really do think they SHOULD NOT come inside Hanamitiii’s place without any permission. Believe me I have NEVER EVER invited them at Hanamitiiis. They should mind their own businesses rather than visiting a person who HATE them.

REAL annoying thing about this creature is they KNOW that I HATE them so much!!!!!! Otherwise WHY ON EARTH they came close to ME!!!!????Dear Cockroaches. I already know you guys are SUPER-HARD CORE in this planet. I bet you are very cool and nice creature, HOWEVER, PLEASE do not disturb my life. I really need HUGE HUGE space from you guys otherwise I gata call police people next time you visit me….

Today’s Mr.Sheep

5 Dec



Mr.Hand’s Christmas wish

1 Dec

All I want for Christmas is you…………………r credit card honey 😉 Mr.Hand with GIMP2

Today’s Mr.Sheep

20 Nov

Sleeping beauty


Mr.Hand’s soft comment

16 Nov

Wow, I’m out of your league?! Well, don’t worry, you are not in my league either!!!!!!!

Today’s Mr.Sheep

12 Nov

American Dream