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New look of the Hanamitiii World’s Facebook page

31 Jul

Well even Mr.Frog is missing BUT I have to keep going. That’s life. Anyway as I announced that the arm-wrestling winner’s picture will be uploaded as a profile picture on the official Facebook page (Refer-Mr.Frog/Mr.Black Frog series- Announcement-) I’ve already done best job for this winner frog. Hava look! Good job Hanamitiii 🙂


Missing frog’s poster

31 Jul

I still haven’t heard anything from Mr.Frog. My worry is growing massive…..:( I thought it’s time to have little help from bunch of random people. I was about to call strangers and ask if they see Mr.Frog or not. But Mr.Sheep told me not to do. I don’t know exactly why but his eyes were telling me something serious….

So I decided to play it cool. Poster!!! I saw many people are doing this, surely this is the best way to get information! I’ve already handed this in to 100 people in this morning. Hope Someone will contact with me sometime soon……..


30 Jul

Well….Obviously things happened when I was sailing today (Refer-Hanamitiii-Do boys like Hanamitiii World better than girls do?). I made myself special detox herbal tea and chilling out on the sofa. Something was missing………………………hummmmm………..hummmm…..


Something was indeed missing. YES Mr.Frog was NOT in Hanamitiii’s place. I tried to find him inside Hanamitiii’s place. BUT I couldn’t find him anywhere….He left Hanamitiii’s place……!!!! I’ve checked security camera and YES he REALLY left….

Well I kinda know why….Mr.Frog looked REAL bummed out after the match. I thought he might want to have little space from everyone BUT maybe I should have stayed with him and cheer him up.

I rang all Hanamitiii friends but they told me they don’t know where he is…..I’m really worry about him because it’s kinda getting late here. If anyone see Mr.Frog please contact with Hanamitiii……

Mr.Hand’s little frustration

30 Jul

NONONONO, I’m not going for play golf tomorrow with my clients!!! I’ve got a hot date with a pretty girl tomorrow!!!!

OHMIGO……So pregnant!!!!!

30 Jul

Well I was about to take little doze on my ship (refer-hanamitiii: Do boys like Hanamitiii world better than girls do?) BUT one message remind me little important thing!!!! I totally forgot about clear this pregnant wonders from people!!!

Well TT is kinda being REAL careful recently. I thought it’s time to find another nice prank victims. I thought Facebook is the great way to find good victims. In a minute I thought it’s good idea to say “I CHANGES MY HAIR STYLE TO BALD” but really “Who really cares if I become bald or not??!!” Also it’s a LIE!!!! I love pranks but I don’t like lies. So I came up with GREAT idea. Open sentence. I and Mr.Frog put this “OHMIGO….So pregnant!!” on my status. It’s NOT a lie because I didn’t say I’M PREGNANT!!!

I was kinda expecting to receive “OHMIGOOOD YOU PREGNANT??!!!” or “REALLY?! THAT’S AMAZING”.  Many people contact with me through Facebook/text message, MSN messanger etcetc but NO ONE react  as I expected. People are SMAETER than I thought. They were asking like “Who got pregnant?” “You are not preggy aren’t you?”

hum….BELIEVE ME this is NOT what I wanted to have from you guys.

Today’s Mr.Sheep

30 Jul

Sleeping unusually DEEP

Interview after the match

30 Jul

Although Mr.Black Frog won the match LAST night because of millions of paparaziiiz and fan girls, I didn’t have time to interview Mr.Black Frog. I really don’t  know why those people were so attracted to this frog. I bet this phenomenon disappear within a week.  Anyway this morning I had opportunity to interview him.

“How do you feel?” “I feel GREEEEAT”. “Who you want to share this feeling?” “My family, friends, and all people/frogs who support me”. After these 2 questions I kinda run out of questions because 1.I have no interested in this Black Frog thing. 2.I didn’t like Mr.Black Frog’s “I’m so hot and cool” attitude after won this match.

Oh well I guess many people feel same as I do. Important thing is I DON’T have to deal with these frogs at least for couple of days.