Baldyyyyyyyyy!! – Difficult Decision Part.3

14 Jul

Oh my my….!!! Why are there so many problems in this world? STOP giving me so much headache please 😦 This one could be much worse than hair of the moly mole thing ( I am talking about baldies here!!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind bald people. Well…actually I quite like them BUT when it comes to bar-code style bald, it’s just nearly impossible to handle and I’m pretty sure some of you guys have same problem as I do.

???How can we deal with this problem???

Here are 3 choices to solve this situation: 1. Pretend you don’t realize this awkward hair style 2. Stare the bar-code area REAL hard 3. Hug the person from behind and sing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful (bar-code bald ver)”

I bet most of people would prefer No.1 even they are thinking how pathetic those bar-code baldies are. I often do No.2 because they need to know it’s not healthy doing this kinda thing!!!! Believe me they look much better NOT hiding the bald parts!!!! Stay hard-core bald and stay cool, baldies!! Though I think I might switch to option No.3, those baldies might lost confidence with hair so what they need might be little understanding and support.

I have written Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful (bar-code bald ver)”, also in case if you don’t know this song’s melody I have upload Karaoke ver of Beautiful. Let’s practice No.3 to support baldies:)

“Every day is so wonderful, and suddenly without hair. Now and then I know you get insecure, From all the pain, Feel so ashamed. You are beautiful even you are bald, Words can’t bring you down.You are beautiful in every baldy way Yes, words can’t bring you down Don’t you hide your baldy part…”

One day baldies will get their confidence back with our song and stop hiding their bald part……Let’s fight together, baldies and non-baldies!!!!


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