Stinky Breath – Difficult Decision pt.5

15 Jul

Difficult Decision Series became one of everyone’s favorite post in my blog. I think now is the time to publish bunch of books and make T-shirts, shoes and whatsoever like many famous people do. Anyway I’m glad trillions of people are sharing feeling with me quietly.

Today I want to go through one of huge problem we encounter at least 2-3 times a week. “STINKY BREATH PEOPLE”!!

I have no idea what kind of problems they do have but really, that is not my problem so better not consume my time on this and leave this issue to smart people like dentist. What we need to focus is NOT to know what kind of problem they have, what we need is how to avoid this unpleasant smell!!! As usual I set couple of ideas here.

Here are 4 best choices I could present for you: 1. Move slightly and change your standing position 2. Hold your nose REAL tight so you no longer suffer from smell and close your eyes not to see their reaction 3. Tell them something really shocking to make them shut up 4. Cover their mouth with random stinky rag.

No.1 is the classic choice if you wana play this situation cool this is the best one you can take. No.2 might cause more stinky breath problem because stinky mouth might get upset and come close to you to shout!! No.3 is really nice choice but kinda hard to think what kinda shocking things you can say to stinky mouth. No.4 is actually related with humans’ right stuff. Because stinky mouth is giving us AWFULLY unpleasant time so you should have right to express your feeling to let them know how tragic thing they are doing to you.

Hava nice try babies!! 🙂


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