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Report of the little vacation pt.12

30 Aug

I remembered a great climber said “There are mountains therefore I climb”. As an one of dangerous adventure lovers, Hanamitiii had to take a risk and climb up little rock mountain during this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I climbed and I climbed…..I was getting there, I was TOTALLY understanding those dangerous climbers!!!! It was great feeling to climb đŸ™‚UNTIL I realize I hate height. By the time I’ve got top of the little mountain it was too late to do anything. I was like one of those cats that climb up places to places and ended up NOT possible to come down. I was shaking, shaking and had to ask for help in the end.

Lesson learned. Don’t do climbing if you afraid of height….Indeed life is learning.


Hanamitiii’s human reserch – Things that you can’t see….

30 Aug

People are often trapped by something possible to see and often people look for something that is possible to see. But really……something NOT possible to see might be more important in people’s life.

Like: Caring, affection, love, friendship, emotional pain, those kinda things are not possible to see and those are not possible to change to something to visible. It doesn’t mean if someone buy you expensive clothes they care about you or if they hug you more than others they love you better than others or if someone is smiling in front of you doesn’t mean that person is really happy.It might be good idea to have little break from visible thing and close your eyes and hear something or feel something deep inside others.

They might care about you more than you think or they might be really hurt inside and looking for your help.

Mr.Hand’s little frustration

30 Aug

Blah blah blah….alright, just get your job done okay?

Today’s Mr.Sheep

30 Aug

Very ready for job interview

Mr.Hand’s little anger

29 Aug

You idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr.Hand’s little defense

28 Aug

NONONONO really, I paid you back last week!!!!!!!!!!

Hanamitiii’s human reserch – Little realizations….

28 Aug

It is impossible to agree with EVERYONE in this planet. Now and then we would experiences something we don’t really like. Anyway whenever I experiences those I surely meet up with people and COMPLAIN and people often do same thing about those annoying stuffs.

But I often realizes “hum,,,,maybe I might have done same thing to someone in the past….maybe I’m doing same thing sometimes…” or “hummm….I think you are doing those by yourself as well….” etcetc

Hummmmm easy to see others’ fault but difficult to see own faults. If all of us could realized those faults and improve ourselves little by little this world would be much happier đŸ™‚