Is Hanamitiii Mohuman???!!!!

13 Aug

Honestly I sometimes feel I’m some kind of special spices. Half monkey and half human……Mohuman!!!! I can explain to you guys the reason of calling myself as Mohuman. Okay this is the picture of me and Lesminiii. Can  you see the height differences? We have quite BIG height differences…..

Here is the picture of me and Lesminiii’s arm. Can you see the difference of our arm? Compare with hight differences our arm differences is like NOTHING!!!!! Even Lesminiii is surprised with this SHOCKED fact.

People who STILL can’t believe this, I can show you another example here!!!!

Look at this another example, you CAN see my hands behind Lesminiii!!!!

GUINESS book people Mohuman Hanamitiii is waiting till you guys contact with me.

Chao for now 🙂


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