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Mr.Hand’s little confusion…..

30 Sep

Brrrrrrrrrrrr, Should I do this or not? Yes, No, Yes, NO, Yes, NO


Great way to boost wimpy perm

29 Sep

I hate sitting on same place long hours. This is terrible when it comes to perm my hair. I am always trying to perm, color my hair as little as possible. Anyway I haven’t permed my hair like 7 months and my hair started to look like a random sea weed. When I saw myself on a mirror I couldn’t believe the looks of hair!!!!!

BUT I’ve found a greeeeeat solution. VS Sassoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I really don’t know what’s in this awesome product but YES YES YES, this Ridge Wave Foam really boosts my weak sea weed perm!!! It is defo much cheaper than going to hair salon and get your hair done again also it will cause less damage on your hair and scalp. Doing too much color and perm are really bad for your hair and scalp.

Have a try on VS Sassoon’s Ridge Wave Foam. This product will NEVER disappoint you like other random products!!!! 🙂

Mr.Hand’s little secret

29 Sep

I’m secretly obsessed with Desperate Housewives

Find Mr.Frog

29 Sep

For some reason Adrianiii obsessed with Malay food but we couldn’t bring ourselves to eat at Malay place today, because Adrianiii and we eat at Malay EVERY TIME we see on lunch time. I and Mr.Frog ditched Adrianiii and decided to head to Thai place with Lesminiii 🙂 They serve awesome Thai dishes it’s a shame Adrianiii didn’t join.

Here is the great picture of Thai food and Lesminiii and of course Mr.Frog didn’t forget to hide 🙂

Where is Mr.Frog hiding????

Mr.Frog’s is officially on diet!!!!!!!

28 Sep

As you know Mr.Frog is little over weight. It is REAL obvious when he sits next to Mr.Black Frog. Although I had been thinking this chubbiness is his cuteness.

BUT things changed this afternoon……Mr.Sheep and everyone was having feast this afternoon, things looked pretty smooth and relaxed until I spotted on something horrible!!! I saw Mr.Frog took over whole burger by himself.

I can accept chubbiness but not unhealthiness!!!! I didn’t mind if he was having a bit but NOT whole burger by himself!!! It’s just way too much for him!!! It didn’t look good at all, it was JUST scary, he was a TOTAL greedy green stuff!!!!!! I separated Mr.Frog and burger VERY quick, he was giving me awfully evil eye on me but he eventually will  know I did for his goodness.

Anyway from today Mr.Frog is officially on diet and will eat super healthy food 🙂 Wish his luck everyone 🙂

Today’s Mr.Sheep

28 Sep

Having super unhealthy feast with Hanamitiii’s random members

Mr.Hand’s little fear

28 Sep

I don’t mind dentist’s…….I just hate sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!