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Mr.Hand’s Halloweeeeeen wish

30 Oct

Hey hey hey, TRICK OR CASH????!!!!!!!!!!


Mr.Frog and Adrianiii’s little talk??!!!

30 Oct

Something had happened!! Oh god, I even can’t tell what had happened the other day. I rang Adrianiii. BECAUSE it was out of my control. Mr.Frog DIDN’T listen to my story AT ALL!!!

Adrianiii was kindly giving Mr.Frog a lecture, but of course Mr.Frog’s attitude was worse than EVER!! Look at this sulky Mr.Frog!!! He wasn’t even looking at Adrianiii’s eyes!!!!

Honestly nothing is as hard as dealing with this Mr.Frog, can someone come here and help me out???

The naughty coincidence of Mr.Frog will be uploaded sometime when I feel better.

To be continued…..

Pumpkin Soup

30 Oct

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE pumpkins. BUT I don’t have an oven at my place which eliminates many great pumpkin dishes!!! 😦  You can guess I’m going little crazy because of this Halloween thing 😦 Wherever I go I bump into pumpkins!!! If I see right side there is a pumpkin, if I see left side there is another pumpkin. PUMPKIIIINS!!!!!

I thought it’s time to take a risk. No matter how hard to cut them, I decided to go for make a DELICIOUS dish!!!

Pumpkin Soup 🙂

Ingredient: Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Pork Mince, Cherry Tomato, Basil, lime, Olive Oil, Sault, pepper,Tiny bit of Sugar.

1. Peel off the skin of the pumpkin and sweet potato.

2. Cut 1. and cherry tomato.

3. Spread olive oil on the pot and stir pork mince. When it became little brown put all 2. in the pot and stir for a while.

4. Pour water till all ingredient hide under water, squeeze lime and put salt, pepper, tiny bit of sugar and Basil.

5. Boil, boil and wait and boil until all ingredient became super soft!!

Pumpkins didn’t let me down, they tastes awesome!!! Have a nice try 🙂

Find Mr.Frog

29 Oct

It almost become common sense that Lesminiii knows heaps of things in this planet. Yesterday he took us GORGEOUS Thai restaurant. It was VERY nice for a change, and we are officially off from Malaysian food for a while.

2 frogs seems pretty excited with this new Thai place. Especially they LOOOOVED special Tom Yam soup and didn’t leave the place more than 15 minutes!!!! Shocking!!!

Can you find Mr.Frog???

What were you and Hanamitiii members doing!!!???

29 Oct

Question from Mr.QQ; I saw you and Hanamitiii members yesterday at the random bus stop. What were you guys exactly doing???

Back in 3 months ago people DIDN’T care if I was doing this kinda thing!!! I TOTALLY forgot Hanamitiii blog’s hit is getting bigger EVERY SINGLE DAY and which mean I have to be MORE careful what to say/do.

Mr.QQ, As millions of artists say, I felt something VERY strong, it was beautiful impulse and passion etcetc…I got involved in all members who were happened to be there (Adrianiii; right/Lesminiii; taking photo) and started to do little dance. Sometimes UNEXPECTED things happen in your life 🙂

Have a nice day!!!


Mr.Hand’s little suspicious

28 Oct

Will I really get taller if I use this weird machine???

Make up remover – For Normal/dry skin

28 Oct

My skin got drier than EVER!!!! I thought it’s time to go back where I used to be…. The product I used to use…

I often hear since oil type remover is really effective for removing make ups and dirt, they also remove essential oil from your skin, which cause super dryness. BUT don’t worry there is a great remover for dry skin people like you.

NOEVIR GROUP’s NAMERAKA HONPO MEIKUOTOSHI OIL (In front package show: TOUNYU-ISOFURABON GANYUUNO MEIKU OTOSHI)!!!!!! This includes no artificial-odor/no-artificial color. Suitable for sensitive skin people as well.

Great things about this remover are 1. Remove strong make up very easily (including stubborn mascara!!) 2. DOESN’T remove necessary oil from your skin 🙂

Push 2-3 times and massage your skin with this oil then rinse with warm water or cold water. Make sure not to rub your skin too harsh when you massage. You can already tell how smooth your skin become when you are rinsing your face with water. After that just wash your face with face wash and go to your routine skin care.

If you are oily type and want to use oil remover go with THE FACE SHOP’s MIGAMSU (BRIGHTENING RICE WATER CLEANING OIL) (refer-Skin care-make up remover)

Keep going girls and some boys to have excellent skin 🙂