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Mr.King Frog’s little surprise…..

30 Nov

I’m really careless person. In fact many times I was NEARLY hit by car or chilling out when fire thing was going on at upstairs or choose to sleep when MASSIVE earthquake hit our place. Anyway what I’m trying to say here is I DON’T get to surprise so easily. So I could say Mr.King Frog did GREEEAT job to surprise me.

I haven’t seen him for couple of days and I thought he went somewhere to do his own stuffs and I’m pretty sure he was. I’m still NOT sure about the situation……and hoping someone could give me good explanation about this.

When I came back to the hotel to chill out before dinner I saw green stuff on the bed. I thought it was some sort of trick from hotel stuffs but it wasn’t….Mr.King Frog was in our hotel room….I had lost my words when I saw him….I went out to check the room number, it was DEFINITELY the room we were staying…..I checked the windows and everything to find out how he got into our room. But I couldn’t figure out….:( Anyway here is the picture of Mr.King Frog taking little nap…..Does anyone know where he had been and how he broken into our room???!!!


Find Mr.Black Frog

30 Nov

Couldn’t bother going outside last night. Hanamitiii member had been all busy over 1 week. We basically were exposed to this rough city Tokyo and had to meet up with millions of people. Random person like me NEED huge space from people and society NOW AND THEN.

If I were rich I would order lousy room service to just waste money but every months’ Hanamitiii’s budget is not that HUGE. I asked our budget controller TT to bring us some food.

Katsudon…..??!! I DIDN’T dare say that I wasn’t in the mood for heavy food. Important thing was TT went out to pick us food…. Anyway TT and Mr.Black Frog seemed REAL happy with Katsudon and I should be glad at least someone was ENJOYING the meal!!!

Can you find Mr.Frog???

TSUBAKI WATER – Smooth, shinnnny and straight hair!!!

29 Nov

Keeping up with hair stuffs is one of difficult thing we can do. When we finish one product, there are ALWAYS new stuffs line up!!! Please do not talk to me when I’m looking at hair products. I MUST concentrate to choose right one.

My long fight bring me little joy and I wanted to share with you. This is SHISEIDO’s hottest hair item at the moment. TSUBAKI WATER, it released mid september 2010, unfortunately I didn’t have opportunity to encounter this product till NOW!!! Very well hidden TSUBAKI stuff!!!

This makes your hair smooth, shiny and straight. The reasons I love this product are because of the texture and smell it gives your hair and does very little damage!!!! As it say TSUBAKI “WATER”, it’s literally like water so your hair can absorb without experiencing stickiness also it gives you nice floral smell. The reason I sometimes hesitate to  use hair product is BECAUSE they would give my hair HUGE damage!!! BUT this Japanese smart product remove my little concern as well. This special WATER is NOT only for styling but ALSO gives your hair nutrition like one of special conditioners.

The effect of this stuff is AMAZIIIING!!! If you see this TSUBAKI WATER don’t even think, just grab it and go to the cashier to pay!!!!

Show off your smooth, shiny hair to EVERYONE!!!!

Find Mr.Frog

29 Nov

Burgers=Healthy is the newest style in Japan. I have NO wonder why they live UNUSUALLY long and stay in so good shape. I met secret supporter again and headed to R Burger. Avocado, green leafy stuffs, spicy shrimp etc they have variety of healthy and hot choices 🙂

Even SUPER junk food eater Mr.Frog seemed PRETTY happy with this healthy burgers!!! If you have opportunities hit to R Burger instead of unhealthy Burger places!!!

Here is the lousy picture of R Burger’s avocado set meal.

Can you find Mr.Frog???

Hanamitiii’s little surprise – Yellow Santa Claus in Tokyo

25 Nov

I don’t know since when Santa’s costume became YELLOW. It’s a famous story ORIGINAL Santa’s costume was GREEN and coca-cola change the color to RED. and NOW someone made it YELLOOOW. I’m pretty sure in 2-3 months time someone will make it purple or brown etc…. Keep going random people!!!

That day I was supposed to meet up with secret supporter of Hanamitiii. I was waiting like a giant lemon and things happened. Santa Claus on the street???!!!It was already shocking enough but what surprise me more were they wore Yellow costume and there were MORE THAN 1 Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!I had nothing but confusion…..

I thought I might be cursed if I follow them to find out what’s going on but it’s REAL famous that my curiosity is bigger than Sumo wresters. If I didn’t sneaking around I’m NOT Hanamitiii anymore!!!!

You are NOT gona believe this!!! What I saw was bunch of random Santa was working at secret place!!! Look Look!!! This is the picture of them working REAL hard. It gave me little shock that there were so MANY Santa also they were working in public…..Anyway population is EXPANDING every year I suppose it’s happening on somewhere Santa lives and because of this population expanding epidemic,  ORIGINAL Santa had no choice but hiring random people to give them some job and send them somewhere to balance the amount of people in Santa World.

Good luck Santas, if you are reading my blog please bring me great amount of cash on my Christmas. Thanks,


Mr.Hand’s straight opinion

25 Nov

If you don’t like me, Just stop talking about me instead of complaining about me

Find Mr.Frog

25 Nov

Lion? Middle of the city….. I knew Tokyo has plenty of crazy stuffs but I didn’t expect Lion on the middle of the street. Frogs were so scared of this lion BUT as long as they live with me this kinda soft core moment is not allowed!!! Mr.Black Frog started to cry in public so I had no choice but putting him back in the pocket…..HOWEVER this special green Frog made it through!!!! GREAT JOB Mr.Frog.

Can you find Mr.Froooog????