Great snacks pt.1

3 Nov

Graaaapes!!! They contain high sugar BUT they also contain great nutritions for your health such as Vitamin C, Iron, magnesium. etc. Hence grapes (especially dark color grapes’ skin; red and black grapes)  bring you strong antioxidant, they keep you young and prevent you from many physical symptoms such as fatigue, high blood pressure, heart diseases.

Since skin of grapes also include fantastic nutritions, it is essential to eat their skin to gain maximum benefits BUT you MUST remember random grapes are covered with heaps of pesticides. And they WON’T go away if you just wash them. Maybe it is difficult to see the danger BECAUSE you can’t see actual problem. Imagine if you are drinking mixture of shampoo, soap, make up remove etc. Isn’t it horrifying? (I believe pesticides are not as dangerous as this but they KILL all insects so could NOT be health at all). Also farmers’ investigations indicates that organic foods contain more nutrition than regular foods. (Less pesticides = Less damage on soil (actually soil is hugely related with making amazing veg, fruits) = great veg, fruits) 🙂

Ditch all your candies, potato chips and go with organic grapes to enjoy full benefit of grapes!


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