Hair care pt.3 – Super refreshing conditioner!!!

8 Nov

I had been using AVALON ORGANICS’ LAVENDER conditioner until recently, BUT adventurous person like me NEVER settle down with one kind. EVERY SINGLE MINUTES is for another challenge.

Anyhow I found this PEPPERMINT one (provide strength on your hair). I’ve tried peppermint stuff in the past since they are selling the great feeling of refreshment.  But believe me, they didn’t give me much coolness on my head. I was already half given up when I bought this product, but NONONONO this AVALON ORGANICS’ PEPPERMINT is NOTHING like other random soft core stuff. After massage my scalp I  left conditioner to enjoy MAXIMUM result and about 30 seconds later my head LITERALLY started to feel COOL, I wanted to enjoy this coolness more so I left it little bit longer…..You are NOT gona believe it but really this stuff made my head REAL cold!!!!AMAZING!!!

This conditioner is little thicker than LAVENDER type also make your hair straighter. If you are looking for beautiful straight hair and little excitement this is perfect for you. Make sure NOT to leave more than 3 minutes, TOO much is NEVER to good. If you are curly hair and want to keep it longer I recommend you to use LAVENDER type since it provide you great moisture on your hair.

Have a great excitement.


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