Hanamitiii’s thought – Importance of seasons

8 Nov

I happened to live in a country where I CAN’T experience seasons. This kinda place must be the great place for the people who doesn’t like to buy seasonal clothes or the person who doesn’t like changes.

I have been many places and I lived in some countries but I didn’t specifically thought about it until I lost seasons. I didn’t know how dull it make me feel without seasons. I thought it was only me but seems it is also quite difficult for the people who had grown up with seasons.

I really do believe people like us are recognizing seasons by our whole body not only by calender or decorations on the shops. It’s like when we are walking, eyes catch color change of leaves, flowers that’s how we know spring/autumn has arrived. Cold and dry air tell us Christmas, New Years are coming soon (Hot summer must be for Aussies and Kiwis :)).It is REAL hard for us to recognize seasonal stuffs when we are experiences only 5 degree difference in whole year. I EVEN sometimes forget which month it is!!!!

Now and then NICE people like Adrianiii, TT give me some cute seasonal stuffs to make me realize changes. Hope I will remember the month of Christmas, New Year this year 🙂


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