Find Mr.Frog

11 Nov

Mr.Black Frog is defo avoiding me. Even he is saying he is not, I know he is!!! And I know the reason is because of what had happened in couple of days ago (Refer-Game-Find Mr.Black Frog: November 7th). In my defense is it’s my physical reaction and I can’t really do anything about it!!! Anyway if he doesn’t wana hang out with me for a while, that’s totally find by me!

I took Mr.Frog and went for another veges hunting. I have to say this salad was REAL awful. No freshness was going on!!!!!!!! Mr.Frog obviously read awkward atmosphere and hid from the site since he know that I always go SUPER grumpy when I encounter soggy, non fresh salad.

Can you find Mr.Frog???


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