Bumping into…..????!!!!!!!!

21 Nov

We left GREAT city Hiroshima and headed to Tokyo. I was SO tempted to stay in Hiroshima longer but, we, especially 2 frogs NEEDED another adventure like one of those random TEENAGER!!!!

We had been chatting and eating heaps of candies like what travelers do. When we were about finish LAST piece of chocolate we felt some sort of pressure from behind. I was rather avoiding to see my back but recklessly our precious Mr.Frog turned around and jumped nearly 1 feet from his seat. My suspicious become CERTAIN, it MUST be one of those scary person you also afraid of. I DIDN’T dare look back at that time. I DON’T need unnecessary pain in my life that’s what I thought….

BUT right now I’m fighting with AWFUL regret. “WHY didn’t I have guts to turn around!!!???…..IT WASN’T those scary person….IT WAS Mr.King Frog (Refer-Mr.Frog/Mr.Black Frog series- King of the Frogs??!!)!!!!!!!

I knew this fact after receiving the photo from SECRET source…. What a shame.

Hanamitiii would NEVER make this mistake AGAIN!!!! Lesson learned. TAKE A RISK AND LIVE LIFE VERY DANGEROUSLY.

Humm what a deep lesson I’ve learn, thanks GREAT Mr.King Frog.


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