Find Mr.Black Frog

30 Nov

Couldn’t bother going outside last night. Hanamitiii member had been all busy over 1 week. We basically were exposed to this rough city Tokyo and had to meet up with millions of people. Random person like me NEED huge space from people and society NOW AND THEN.

If I were rich I would order lousy room service to just waste money but every months’ Hanamitiii’s budget is not that HUGE. I asked our budget controller TT to bring us some food.

Katsudon…..??!! I DIDN’T dare say that I wasn’t in the mood for heavy food. Important thing was TT went out to pick us food…. Anyway TT and Mr.Black Frog seemed REAL happy with Katsudon and I should be glad at least someone was ENJOYING the meal!!!

Can you find Mr.Frog???


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