Mr.King Frog’s little surprise…..

30 Nov

I’m really careless person. In fact many times I was NEARLY hit by car or chilling out when fire thing was going on at upstairs or choose to sleep when MASSIVE earthquake hit our place. Anyway what I’m trying to say here is I DON’T get to surprise so easily. So I could say Mr.King Frog did GREEEAT job to surprise me.

I haven’t seen him for couple of days and I thought he went somewhere to do his own stuffs and I’m pretty sure he was. I’m still NOT sure about the situation……and hoping someone could give me good explanation about this.

When I came back to the hotel to chill out before dinner I saw green stuff on the bed. I thought it was some sort of trick from hotel stuffs but it wasn’t….Mr.King Frog was in our hotel room….I had lost my words when I saw him….I went out to check the room number, it was DEFINITELY the room we were staying…..I checked the windows and everything to find out how he got into our room. But I couldn’t figure out….:( Anyway here is the picture of Mr.King Frog taking little nap…..Does anyone know where he had been and how he broken into our room???!!!


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