Hanamitiii’s life concept – When I know I shouldn’t do this and that….

3 Dec

Whenever people tell me “You better  NOT to do this””It’s not fun so  you wouldn’t like it””You should do this way not that way”, I always start to feel I WANT to judge them by myself. Often people judge stuffs depending on their preference so they might not like them but I might like them. People have different preferences.

Stacking in the hotel nearly 2 weeks started to make me feel little nuts. I could easily go outside to do some stuffs but it is raining outside and I prefer to spend time at cozy place.

I was having a long bath, stretching and counting the number of windows EVEN I knew these would never make me feel excited.

When I finally god bored I decided to write things and found a greeeat thing on the desk!!! God of excitement DIDN’T let me down! Obviously they will be having the windows cleaning today and it says “We RECOMMEND that your blinds will be closed during this period”!!!!

This recommendation is way TOO bad for me. If they just mentions the date and time and gave me free option I wouldn’t even consider about breaking this recommendation BUT this sentence totally made me WAKE!!!

I still haven’t decided what to do. If you have any idea please send me message so I can try them and If you were the guy/lady who are supposed to clean the windows of this hotel “I’m sorry that I’m going to surprise you today”.



One Response to “Hanamitiii’s life concept – When I know I shouldn’t do this and that….”

  1. TT December 3, 2010 at 22:41 #

    Open the blind! Open the blind! When the man comes to clean to window jump out at him and scare him – waaahoh!!

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