Must drink saka

14 Dec

I had a chance to visit a sake brewery called Kamoizumisakekabushikigaisya (賀茂泉酒造株式会社) at Hiroshima (Higashihiroshima, Saijyou). As everyone KNOWS you can’t get great drink without visiting THE place. Even within Hiroshima if you go to different cities you can’t buy those fresh nice Sake. So my mission was of course to get decent Sake for my dreamy days and nights.

I’ve tried almost all Sake at the site and I’ve found MANY great Sake over there. I would LOVE to introduce couples of those you MUST try before you die.

The left one’s is Jyunmai-Daiginjyou Kamoizumi (Fresh sake: not possible to keep long time, you have to put in the fridge and drink it as soon as possible!!!)

The right one is Kamozuru Kuradashi Genshu (Possible to keep longer than Fresh one but once you open better drink it sooner).

Both of them are not too sweet nor dry so very neutral and refreshing taste. Also they don’t have too strong smell like other Sake has. Very very soft on your tongue and throat. Surely Jyunmai-daiginjyou Kamoizumi (The green bottle) is fresher and give you great texture on your tongue since it’s fresh fresh fresh Sake. If you have chance, drink Jumnai-Daiginjyou Kamoizumi in Hiroshima and bring Kamozuru Kuradashi Genshu (The blue bottle) as a souvenir.

Do not make them hot sake, drink them as cold one. My knowledgeable brother told me great Sake should be always served as chilled one.

Have a great journy to Hiroshima (Higashihiroshima, Saijyou) and enjoy the great tastes!!!!


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