Receipe of miracle Saba fish (mackerel)

22 Dec

Fish fish fish. As long as I know, most people I know who love fish are SUPER fit. What you eat = Who you are. Anyway I’m try to eat veg, fish, fruits as much as possible to be a miracle fit person. I’ve introduced salmon recipe couple of days ago and toady I would loooove to introduce another fishy fish dish.

Ingredient; Saba fish (mackerel) 3 big slices or 6 small slices, Spring Onion 2-4 sets, Miso 3-4 big spoon, Sake (for cooking) 80-100m, Grind Ginger (minced ginger) half of tea spoon , Sugar one pinch, Olive oil 2 tea spoons, Brown rice.

1. Spread 1 tea spoon of Olive oil on a pot and wait till it gets warm. Lay Saba fish on the pot and wait till they start making cooking noise.

2. Pour Sake and add Grind (minced) Ginger and sugar into No.1. Put the lid on the pot and wait 3 minutes. Turn over and wait another 3-5 minutes. Wash and cut the Spring Onion whilst waiting Saba fish.

3. Spread one tea spoon of Olive oil on a frying pan and stir Spring Onion lightly and add it into No.2 and boil them gently for 1 minute.

4. Take little bit juice from No.3 into a small bowl and mix with Miso.

5. Add No.4 into the pot. Boil SUPER gently another 1 minute.

Decorate them as you like and eat like a crazy panther!!!!

*The people who do not have rice-cooker. I will upload how to cook rice sometime in the future.



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