Pretty pajamas – To increase your girl’s mojo

29 Dec

We girls MUST to be cute/hot 24 hours a day!!!!

Even when you are asleep you shouldn’t forget all dangerous possibilities. You never know you might have to get out of the house because of fire or maybe your Prince might visit you after mid-night. Knock, knock. If you are wearing your uncle’s lousy sweatshirt or your brother’s school jersey, throw them away IMMEDIATELY!!!! Do it NOW, do it NOWWWWW!!!! Seriously your mojo will defo disappear from your body very soonish!!!!!

Serious pajama lover Hanamitiii has trillions of choice but I would LOOVE to introduce this delicious pink/red pajama today since this is the latest pajama I have at moment. This one is from FOREVER 21. Great thing about FOREVER 21’s pajama series  are, they offer you tons of choices and all of them are AMAZINGLY cute and SUPER cheap!!!

Ditch all anti-mojo pajama and go with cute/hot pajamas and be pretty 24 hours a day!!!!


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