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Hanamitiii’s little philosophy

27 Jan

The things seem very important could be NOT important at all, the things seem not important could be VERY important.


Mr.Hand’s little comment

26 Jan

Awwww poor thing your way of speaking is just so harsh, obviously you are SUPER stressed. I think you need to be taken on a date and be spoiled

Listen to Beethoven to push yourself to the limit

25 Jan

Honestly I really wonder how he could compose all those music. Beethoven’s sound of music always gives me the “Pessimistic” atmosphere.

I especially like his “Moonlight”. Oh god, seriously this music is fantastically soft texture for Beethoven’s style but at same time, it gives you awfully heavy sounds as well. Today I decided to listen to this music to push myself to the limit. Optimistic idea always bring us good life but doesn’t make us creative or allow ourselves to see deep inside.

Here is the one of amazing Beethoven’s, have a nice pessimistic time.

Today’s Mr.Sheep

25 Jan

Looking for food insanely hard………..

Mr.Hand’s secret………….

22 Jan

Secretly wears a sock when he sleeps

Hanamitiii’s thoughts-Minutes/hours of PROPER break to see who you really are

20 Jan

Too much information, interact, noise in this world. Surely we all need to input some degree of knowledges inside our head but HONESTLY I’m telling you, having too much those are not healthy at all. Often most of them are quite USELESS and if you are having those trash info WAY too much and too often your brain might be piled up with so much garbage info and NOT able to hear the truths or maybe NOT able to judge which is useful info and which is not.

Super confusing person Hanamitiii tend to have this break REAL often since I don’t want to deal with those trashy info every single day.

Block everything out.

It could be anywhere, I often have this little time at Sauna if I were at home I start with turning off the PC, phone, TV, music……well block out EVERYTHING I can EVER think of and lie on the sofa, close my eyes. I don’t necessary set the time, just close my eyes and drawn myself into myself and think what I really wanted to do at this moment and what I really want to do in the future or what I really like and I don’t. What I should do to improve myself. What I really don’t want to do. I don’t compare with anyone/anything, I don’t think about other people’s benefit or damage. Purely focus on myself.  Hence this thinking process doesn’t include anything, anyone but myself sometimes those thoughts gone wild and gone too far. BUT important thing is I always remember what I really wanted to do and what make myself feel content and what kind of information/people I should deal with to improve myself and my future.

Do you really know what you really want? Do you really know who you are and what kind of dangerous/wild things you have inside you? Close your eyes and have a look on yourself (Be careful to balancing this up with your every day’s life. Otherwise you might lose your social skill/being a selfish person).

Must listen-Indialucia (Fantastic music collaboratio)!!!!!!!!

19 Jan

Lovin it loving it!!!!!! JUST LISTEN to it!!!!!