Choice of Band Aid

5 Jan

If you are reading my blog every day, you MUST know by now how important “We girls to be cute/hot 24 hours a day!!!!” Which include even when we are injured!!!!

Whenever I see girls wear beige color band-aid I’m shaking with temptation. I WANT rip them off and replace to prettier one. There are millions of cute band-aid selections in this planet, so there is NO necessary to choose those old guys type band-aid!!!!!

I’m introducing Hansaplast’s Disney Princess band-aid today, there are 2 sizes in this package. 19×55mm and 30×55mm. AMAZINGLY they have different pictures depending on the size!!! Suitable for small-medium size cut/scratch etc.

Honestly you might think, people would not notice those small thing. But BELIEVE me, people often notice those small things more than you assume. You don’t want to spoil your perfect make-up/clothes/shoes/bag because of small thing do you?

Get out of a house or an office wherever you are now and buy one of those cute band-aid today!!!!


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