Are guys also looking for rich girls???!!!!

7 Jan

It’s SUPER famous Wigeniii LOVES taking photos. Anyway he took this picture of Hanamitiii a week ago and tagged me on Facebook.

Thought it’s good idea to use this picture as my profile since it’s so FAR from my REAL life. For a second I wanted to feel I’m a rich girl. Well, this was the start of confusion.

Like once a week I’m receiving “Friends Request from people” but not 2 guys in a day!!!!!!!! After changed my profile picture I’ve also got those “want to get to know about you more” messages from several guys.

I thought it’s big cliché some random girls are looking for money, BUT I really didn’t see, some boys are also looking for money!!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear money seeker boys, I must admit I’m so far from  rich. In fact I’m rather broke.


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