Today’s Cafe – BARPAZZA (pizzeria. modern diner. bar)

7 Jan

Hanamitiii eat Pizza/Pasta at least 3 times a week. Without this essential food I don’t feel I’m Hanamitiii anymore.

Today I would LOVE to introduce the cafe BARPAZZA. The cafe is still new and provide you relaxi atmosphere.

I should say, you MUST be careful what you choose when it comes to Pasta because some of them taste not great/average. Although you can try on MOST of Pizza without worrying yourself. Pretty much all of them are gorgeous!!!!!!

This BARPAZZA often do some kind of promotions. They’ve already have done 3 different promotions as long as I know.

1st one was order 2 and cheapest one will be half price. 2nd promotion was fixed price deal, whatever you order, the price will be same (the fixed price for Pizza and Pasta was different) also this fixed price deal included one soft drink. And it seems they’ve started to have new IMPOSSIBLE deal! Order 2 and one of cheaper dish’s price will be S$1.90!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first I thought it’s some sort of practical joke but it WASN’T!

Not sure how long they will do this promotion but it TOTALLY worth to go there and have a try 🙂

The details: Address: 25 Church Street #01-02 Capital Square Three Singapore 049482/ Tel: 65360572


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