Can you fight for the truth no matter what? – Preview screening of Fair Game

8 Jan

What is important in my life? What do I want to protect? What am I afraid of loosing? If something happens and starts to jeopardize those things which are important in my life, will I just stay still or will I fight back though it might be possible to loose them? That is how this movie inspired me.

The story is about a lady called Valerie Plame (Acted by Naomi Watts) who worked for the CIA. She had a kind husband, Joseph C. Wilson (Acted by Sean Penn), 2 beautiful children and good friends. Other than her parents and husband, no one knew her secret. She spied as the CIA ordered her to and was devoted to her job. Everything was going well until one day. White House officials all of a sudden became her enemy and leaked her personal information because of what her husband wrote in the New York Times about President Bush’s administration.

Her family started to have nasty phone calls whilst being misjudged by the public. Literally the whole world seemed against her. Even though she had gone through awfully hard training at the CIA, this betrayal was much harder. She was about to come to her breaking point. She kept silent to keep what she loved. For her husband and kids.

Meanwhile her husband saw this situation differently. He wanted to save their family and reputation as well. However he decided to speak out loud about the White House conspiracy and tell the truth to people. They started to fall out little by little. Finally Valerie left the house because of  the sequence of arguments and went to stay with her parents.

When her husband was still fighting the White House claims she had half given up, given up to defend herself, given up to keep their marriage. Because she thought the enemy was too big to fight. That’s when she decided to chat with her father. He gave her only few words but with great meaning to wake her up.

The truth was “She had no reason to hide. Because she didn’t do anything wrong.” This couple’s journey for justice started when she started to take a risk WITH her husband.

Well directed by Doug Liman, you even don’t have time to blink your eyes!!!! Get a ticket and watch this film I bet you won’t be disappointed.

I, Hanamitiii am soooo appreciative to have had this great opportunity to attend the preview screening of Fair Game. I would love to thank to OMY again. Thank you! (For the more detail:


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