Amazing Fabric Conditioner (Softener) – Comfort Ultra

14 Jan

Like applying toner/lotion/cream on your face after washing it, your towel, clothes whatsoever NEED little nutrition. THEREFORE I’ve decided to introduce this AMAZING softener Unilever’s “Comfort Ultra” today.
Hence this is Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, there is NO necessary to use MASSIVE amount, we ONLY need to dilute 1/2 a cap. EVEN using this small amount the out come is fabulous!!!!! Really all of the laundry became SUPER soft, great smell, easy to iron etc.Your towel will NEVER be hard like cardboard. You might NOT want to be separated with those towels EVER again!!!! I’ve made the bed yesterday using the sheet which had washed using this conditioner, seriously you feel so safe and comfortable!!! OHMIGO, so soooooft, I bet they are as soft as soft-serve ice cream!!!

Currently, there are 2 different ranges in Singapore :

Morning Fresh And Blossom Fresh.

If you prefer sweet smell I recommend you Morning Fresh, if you prefer refreshing floral smell you can go with Blossom Fresh!!! 🙂

How to use will be differ depending on Hand Wash, Semi-Automatic washing machines, Fully-Automatic washing machines. Visit the following web and find more about it 🙂

Enjoy the all benefits of this softener!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Amazing Fabric Conditioner (Softener) – Comfort Ultra”

  1. kahlua drink October 20, 2011 at 17:25 #

    It was nice to read your post. Thank you for posting this piece!

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