Hanamitiii’s little wonder-Who ACTUALLY won the competition, The rabbit or The turtle????

16 Jan

The other day I went to a pet shop and saw a tiny turtle. This turtle remind me A story.”The rabbit and The turtle”

The story was about the rabbit and turtle’s race. From the beginning of their race, the rabbit was much faster than the turtle. At half point the rabbit realized he was so far ahead than the turtle, he even couldn’t see the turtle!!! So he decided to take a nap. On the other hand, the turtle was keep going and going. In the end the turtle won the race against the rabbit. I suppose this story’s lesson was “hard worker” can beat disadvantage eventually.

HOWEVER I NEVER ever thought I want to be this turtle. He might won this race but it doesn’t mean he would enjoy his life or he would win other competitions in the future. The turtle didn’t learn ANYTHING but try hard and keep going without having little distractions. Contrariwise on this race the rabbit did/learned more things than the turtle did. He enjoyed the victory for a while, took a nap and he had learned the bitterness of competition in the end. Also important thing was the rabbit had a strategy. Hop fast, have a break, Hop again. Things didn’t go as he planned but important thing is he had a brain to think.

I feel in the life people need to have little bit strategies also very important to have little distraction especially when we are under lots of pressure. Otherwise we all might be squashed with stress. I saw many people who were trying SUPER hard and also their personalities were very serious. Most of them had a dream but NONE of them had a strategy. They just tried VERY hard with THINGS without strategy and a break. When they encounter difference, change or found out they were wrong, MOST OF THEM couldn’t deal with the situation. So I really don’t think “Hard Worker = The winner”.

Who would actually win the life competition????


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