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Mr.Hand’s little shock

18 Feb

!!!!?????How long have I been sleeping!!!?????


Today’s Mr.Sheep

17 Feb

Doing headstand

Rabbit Hole – Preview Screening

16 Feb

I must THANK OMY for giving me great opportunities. This time I was given an opportunity to watch the movie called Rabbit Hole at the brand new Shaw Nex Premiere theatre (23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083)!!!!

The premiere area has a lounge where you can relax and chat with your friends. Inside the premiere theater they have shockingly comfortable reclining leather seats and blankets. You are allowed to order food and drinks at your seats which will be provided by well trained friendly staff. Hence each of the seats are separated in twos so it is perfect for couples. If you want to have little romantic movie time go for this special premier at Nex!!! (Premiere ticket prices are: Non 3D movie – Off peak s$20, Peak s$25:  3D movie ticket – Off peak s$25, Peak s$30)

The story was about a couple who lost their child. At first this made me feel the story could be very heavy and emotionally draining but it was actually very close to our real life. It really made me learn about all sort of relationships such as marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend and friendship.

Becca (NICOLE KIDMAN) and Howie Corbett ( ARON ECKHART) had lost their precious kid and were trying to get back on track to have a happy life again. However the loss was too huge to recover for them. For a number of months each of them were dealing with this situation in their own way. As a member of the audience I could understand both of their feelings and they both were doing the right things to make themselves feel easy. The problem they had was to accept each others’ way of dealing with the tragedy.

Instead of trying to accept each other they were both distracted to different ways. Becca secretly started to contact the teenager who was involved in the tragic accident of her child. Howie almost had an affair with another woman (SANDRA OH) who he had met at group therapy. Fortunately because of those distractions the couple started to realize what they could have done instead of blaming or criticizing each others way of dealing with the situation. Things started to change when they fully accepted each others’ opinions.

What a beautifully written, directed, acted movie!!! This movie really make us understand what relationships mean. “Acceptance”, that’s the key. Go and have a look at this amazing movie to find out about the secret of relationships 🙂

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

16 Feb

Thanks to all cool/hot boys and girls, this year ALSO I had a faaaab Valentaine’s day

Thank you for taking me out for great meal/sending me flowers/chocolates and romantic/passionated cards and messages 😉



Mr.Sheep’s Valentine’s day

16 Feb

Spent loveliest V-day EVER with Miss Flower Bear and had talked impossibly lots with the language of LOVE

Mr.Hand’s wonder

10 Feb

Where is this stinky smell coming from!!!!!!??????

NO STRINGS ATTACHED – Preview Screening

9 Feb

Thanks to OMY (For the more detail:, I, Hanamitiii had another opportunity to attend the preview screening of the movie called NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

The story was about long-term friends deciding to try “Friends with benefits” under these rules. :No crying, No jealousy, No fighting, No hugs, No nicknames, No staring deeply into each other’s eyes. And the most important thing was “Do not fall in love”.

Emma (Natalie Portman) was afraid of exposing her naked HEART rather than her naked BODY. For her sex meant merely a physical urge, no more than that. For her it was much worse opening up her heart and getting hurt. Conversely, Adam (Ashton Kutcher) was the lovable, happy guy who wasn’t afraid of showing his heart at all.

This “Friends with benefits” started one early morning and it seemed going pretty well until one day……For everyone it was obvious they both love each other but Emma kept avoiding to accept the truth. It was Adam who revealed his real feelings. Emma had totally freaked out with this situation but in the end she realized when she nearly lost Adam. It was much better to show her feelings even though she might get hurt. When she started to open up herself, things started to change………

As well as the story itself I was really amazed with Natalie Portaman’s act. I have watched pretty much all her movies, every movie she acted very differently and in this movie too. I really didn’t expect she could also act little crazy character!!! Love Natalie Portman!!!!

No pain=No gain. Valentines day is coming very soon. If you have secret love, tell her/him your honest feelings, you never know how they are feeling toward you until you try!!!!!!