Hanamitiii’s understanding-Meaning of exposure

2 Feb

Up to recently I have been only receiving great support and nice messages from public HOWEVER just recently I’ve started to have some random NOT very friendly messages. These messages totally gave me massive shock coz I didn’t possibly think someone come to my blog and use their energy to hurt my feelings. So I went to spiritual walk the other night to think through stuffs and trust me this spiritual walk was totally worth it!!!!!

I’ve realized this phenomenon is ACTUALLY telling me that Hanamitiii World is getting bigger and bigger every single day!!!!!!! My blog is exposed to wider range of people and also make others feel something!!!!!! Which is fab!!!! Hanamitiii knew Exposure=Getting zillions of reaction from public but this was the moment I really came to understand what it actually means.

Anyway no matter what kinda response they are I, Hanamitiii DO appreciate that you guys are visiting my blog!!! But someone who doesn’t agree with me, please do not be too nasty to me 🙂




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