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43-year-old man jumped into the tsunami in scuba gear to save his wife?! 最愛の妻を救うため、スキューバ装備で津波の濁流に飛び込んだ43歳の男性?!

30 Mar

I have seen that couple people re-tweeted this blog, thank you for sharing fab info!! I wanted to share it with more people therefore I’ve decided to upload about it on my blog too. Really, I wonder how many husbands/boyfriends or wives/girlfriends could do this amazing action for someone who they love….



Hanamitiii is supporting “GET YOUR SEXY BACK” Part.3

30 Mar

So here is the thing that I have been wondering quite long time. Why on earth do some people have to drink until they loose themselves? I mean can they not tell that they are hitting super drunken stage? What is pushing them? What are they sad about, is there something that they want to forget about?

I have seen so many super drunken people. Some were not able to walk by themselves, some became really aggressive and oh yeah believe me I even saw some girls were doing their “business” on a street or guys were fighting with bottles of beer in their hands.

Whenever I see those situation I feel my night is spoiled a bit. Drinking shouldn’t be something this extreme. Concept of drinking should be similar with when you are drinking coffee or something. You have something to drink but your main focus is talking to people.

Have you ever experienced things that I have mentioned earlier? Well, If you are, PLEASE STOP IT!!!!! Now it not too late to change. It’s okay to drink as long as you are the one who is controlling yourself and not harassing people. Enjoy drinking occasions and parties with moderation and don’t push yourself. No one and nothing can push you to drink too much!

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Mr.Hand’s warning!!!!

30 Mar

Watch your baaaaackkkkk!!!!!!!!

Today’s Mr.Sheep

30 Mar

Fighting against awful heat

A little dolphine in the rice paddy??!!!田んぼにイルカ??!!!

28 Mar

People in Japan started to save animals after the Earthquakes and Tsunami……This news reminds me how big the Tsunami was!!!!

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Hanamitiii is supporting “GET YOUR SEXY BACK” Part.2

28 Mar

So…….About this GET YOUR SEXY BACK program…….It’s NOT saying “You shouldn’t drink at all”, it’s about “HOW TO DRINK”. And also I personally think it’s really IMPORTANT that everyone knows his/her limitation. Girls MUST know about their limitations hence we are NOT physically strong as boys and boys MUST know limitations NOT to hurt anyone in any kind of way.

On this party I had opportunity to wear glasses which allow me to experience drunken condition. There were 3 different glasses. (Tipsy, Drunken, Super drunken). I NEVER get to super drunken stage condition when I drink, so it was GREAT experience for me to understand how it’s like to be drunken that awful. Oh gosh, I even COULDN’T see my own feet, so no wonder those people who are super drunken CAN’T even walk!!!!! 😦

Alcohol effect differently person to person. Some people can take them pretty well, some people are not. Practice and know your limitation at home before you go for massive parties. I’m telling you it’s not attractive to see SUPER drunken people at all.

Know your limitation and have a greeeeat party with your friends!!!!

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To be continued…….

Seriously, have you EVER seen an octopus like this???!!!????

28 Mar

If you ever lived in Japan, you MUST have seen octopus like right side picture. SUPER long mouth octopus!!!!!

I’m pretty sure many people still remember about Paul the octopus, yes my confusion actually STARTED back in that time. He did NOT have a long month like these octopus you can see in Japan.

I was googling about it number of months BUT I still haven’t got ANY pictures of REAL long mouth octopus!!! Is this mean Japanese people are seeing something I CAN’T see? or Are these octopus some sort of legend?

If you know something about this long mouth octopus, please give me any kind of information. Many thanks in advance babies 😉

For your information:

About octopus

Pictures of octopus in Japan