8 Mar

Good girls always receive fab presents. Hanamitiii has given an AMAZING present the other day from a MASSIVE Hanamitiii fan. Thank you TT!!!

I was given MARC JACOBS’s Brand new DAISYYYY!!!!! Cute bottle and color!!!! Who doesn’t love happy pink and flowers??This new DAISY has BEAUTIFUL floral odor like original DAISY but much sweeter than original one. It will defo suit for the person who DOESN’T like simple smell or the person who wants to try sweet smell but doesn’t want to go for over the top sweetness 🙂Seriously I’m wondering how the producers made it possible but this new DAISY has several smell in it. Every time you smell it, it gives you different kinds of smell. Floral, fresh, sweet etcetc…. Just CAN’T get enough of it!!!!!Hence it’s not too strong odor you can even wear when you are visiting clients or seeing your boyfriend’s parents. Make sure to spray it couple of times a day, otherwise this mild smell might fade away.For more information about all about DAISY visit


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