Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan…A week past and…あの日から一週間。。。

18 Mar

Well….Just a week past after Earthquakes and Tsunami hit in Japan, for me it looks things are NOT getting better at all and many people who live in Japan are still under confusion and pressure. HOWEVER it seems people’s interests in Japan is fading out little by little. I don’t see news, comments on people’s Facebook wall as much as I saw couple of days ago. On Twitter many people who doesn’t directly have relation with Japan just stop commenting about it or just focus on economy in Japan. I’m not saying I want people talk about this tragedy forever, but it’s only a week and NOTHING had been solved yet…..So many missing people, nuclear power plant problem etc. Everyone, please remember, Japan still NEED your support!!!!

Here are couple web link for the people who understand Japanese, please have a look/日本語が分かる人しか見れんけど、支援物資の送り方と、ガチャピンの素敵なメッセージ見つけたけんリンクさせました。

How to send Aid Supply/支援物資の送り方

Gachapin blog/ガチャピンブログ



2 Responses to “Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan…A week past and…あの日から一週間。。。”

  1. yuko March 21, 2011 at 22:54 #


    • Kyoko.hanamitiii.hanamoto March 22, 2011 at 10:01 #

      Yuko:ガチャピン可愛いわー☆彼のTweetsはケナゲよね 🙂 ムックーかー・・・・。私も大好きじゃけど、5歳児にしては毛深すぎる気がするんよねー。。。。。。

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