MORNING GLORY – Preview Screening

22 Mar

Another great opportunity from OMY, Thank you 🙂 I have attended the movie screening of MORNING GLORYYYYY!!! I must confess when I saw the letter “From the screenwriter of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA” I wasn’t sure if I would EVER enjoy this movie or not. I was kind of afraid the movie might be EXACTLY same as THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. In the past I have encountered some movies which were screen written by same person and all of those movies were just the same. No difference at all.

HOWEVER!!!! Oh god this movie was HILARIOUS, HILARIOUS, HILARIOUUUUUS!!!!!! Different from her previous style and didn’t disappoint at all!!!! Faaaab.

DESPERATION that what it was. When people are desperate they could do ANYTHING and make things happen!!!!!

TV producer Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) was fired from a local TV program although she worked for it very hard. Her desperation for work as a producer made her take a job at “Daybreak” (morning news show) with low pay and ridiculously long hours. No one expected she would be good since the working environment was rather horrible and the staff were working in the chaos. Obviously many producers had quit before she became the producer of this show.

However she was different from other producers. She had fired Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton)’s co-host and could answer all of staffs questions from the first day. She earned some sort of admiration from the staff and also from a fellow producer Adam Bennett (Patric Wilson).

For a replacement of Colleen’s co-host she had decided to hire legendary TV anchor Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) who had no desire to get involved in morning show which broadcast such trivial news as celebrity gossip, weather and cooking etc. Becky was producing an ordinary show, whilst Mike’s attitude wasn’t improving until Becky was told that Daybreak had to close because it had so few viewers.

Their journey of desperation start from here. Join their desperate journey!!!!

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