When will Japan’s tragedy finish???

24 Mar

Japan had experienced horrible tragedy on March 11th 2011. I had assumed things would get rough for a while. People would suffer from lack of food, place to stay and electric etc…… HOWEVER I didn’t expected things would go this bad.

It seems Nuclear Power Plant’s problem is still going on and because of this problem people are panicked with radiation effects (I don’t know what is right information…Some people say it is dangerous and some people says smoking is much worse than this……). People are still suffering with aftershock.  Panicked people started to buy many bottle of water, juices for themselves which empty couple of shops’ supplies……

Japan’s tragedy is continuously happening at moment…….

For the people who understand English:



For the people who understand Japanese:


Hope things will get little bit better soon….. I have attached another information about donation. Please give kind support for Japan.



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