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!!!Dangerous picture of MASSIVE snail!!!

29 Apr

Well, I tweeted out about this picture yesterday and I wasn’t sure if it’s appropriate to upload on my blog…..My twitter account is followed by certain amount of people HOWEVER Hanamitiii World blog is exposed to huge amount of people and any kind of age and race……

So…..well….To prevent any kind of upset or other random feelings, I strongly recommend not to have a look before meal or the person who has weak heart….

……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!


…..Things I am going to do…..

28 Apr

I had and I still have this thing in my head since I was very little…..

The thing is…….Our birthday should be the date for new start of a year!!!! This is because I was always confused with the date of the new year. One country celebrate one day and another country celebrate another day. Oh yeah even celebrating same day, it make little bit confusion because of time differences etc….So long time ago I’ve decided to stick with one simple theory. I would consider my birthday will be the date for the new year for me. My birthday will never change unless I make a fake ID. AND the date of my birthday is getting closer and closer, I thought it’s good idea to write what I’m going to do, so not many people will get confused with my all random actions.

1. To be a better person after a new year, before my birthday I will meet up, ring bunch of people and do little bit of confession “Sorry I did this and that, but I will do this and that in the future.” and make all of them feel very sentimental/awkward.

2. Write something scandal on people’s Facebook wall and make some drama in their life to be a playful person after the new year too. 

3. Eat as many as junk food and chocolates, cakes and other random sinful things as possible to have guilty pleasure and of course there will be NO gym session to have refreshing healthy diet/exercise regime from after the new year.

4. Wearing super thick make up/slutty clothes and have at least 10 shots of my favorite tequila!!!! and dance and sweat like a lunatic dancer somewhere outside to ready to be a decent adult after my birthday.

Please do not confused when you are involved, witness those things!!! I’m getting ready for next new fresh year!!!! 🙂 TAAANKS 

Little Jazzy time – Part.7

28 Apr

Charlie Parker……I’m always amazed how he could make so many different sound depending on the his play. Deep and hot to light and romantic. Miracle always seemed to happened when he played I almost can’t believe those all music were composed/played by the guy who had been suffering from heroin addiction. Or probably he was so sensitive and talented therefore he fallen himself into the addiction to look for some sort of mental stability. 

All the things you are…….Enjoy the music!!!!

More details about Charlie Parker, visit:

Mr.Hand’s realization

27 Apr

It’s just massive waste of time and energy to explain somethings to someone who is not even trying to understand you!!!

Find Mr.Frog

25 Apr

I went to a unique restaurant the other day. “What is unique about the restaurant?” You might be wondering.

Well……The place has a little specialty soup. Firstly I must say that place has only ONE kind of soup which is some sort of “Mushroom soup”. What makes this place REAL special is not that the place has only one kind of soup. It’s about the “Today’s soup”. At this place, when you order some certain dish you can have soup as a side dish which you might have experienced at lots of places, HOWEVER this place serve their only kind of soup, “Mushroom soup” EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!! Why on earth does this shop have to mention “Today’s soup??” Why not just say “Includes our famous mushroom soup” or something like that…..

Anyway Mr.Frog seemed pretty upset with this soup incident and hid somewhere.

Can you find upset green frog with me???

Must see!!! Biggest rabbit in Singapore!!!

23 Apr

I was exploring with Mr.Frog and Lesminiii to find something fab like lunatic frog/people and we didn’t fail!!!!

MASSIVE RABBIT!!! Honestly I thought I was dreaming or something. When you see this rabbit with your own eyes you would for sure feel “Is it really a rabbit or what??”

The rabbit was as big as a cat or probably bigger than a cat!!!! I saw those big rabbits on Internet but gosh, this is the one of things you MUST see with your own eyes!!!! Can you see how big the rabbit is???!!!!

You can have a look on this rabbit at PETS VILLAGE, for more details, visit:

Have a great look on biggeeest rabbiiiit!!!! 🙂

Find Mr.Frog

23 Apr

I knew it was about the time. He was looking at an empty space and murmuring something. IT WAS TIME for FROG TREAT!!! He needed either junk food or sweeties!!!! I just knew it!!!!

Before I found a place for him, this as desperate as desperate housewives Frog jumped into this little heaven.

Where did he go?? Can you find Mr.Frog with me????