!!!Tiger Street Football!!! Part.2

18 Apr

Day 2!!!! Final tornamenttttttt 🙂 It was super amazing! First game started from 11 AM, good girl like Hanamitiii waited until the noon. 12 PM, fabulous Tiger beer time!!!! Watching Street Football (soccer) with beer and Sunshine!!! How great! Again thank you OMY http://www.omy.sg/ and APBS  http://www.apb.com.sg/for giving me this opportunity 🙂

The result of this tournament was : 1st Brazil/ 2nd Vietnam/ 3rd Thailand.

As I expected the Brazilian team won this tournament, and of course their play was GREEEAT! Really, they play Street Football (Soccer) like dancing. Smooth movement and silky skills. They didn’t let me down. I must confess that I was quite surprised with the Thai team’s play :0 Even though their rank was 3rd I think their play was AMAZING! Their play was aggressive and determined to chase the ball. So much passion in their play! As well as their play, they were really nice people as well 😉 The whole team gathered for me to take a picture with them!! Thank you 😉

I must say yesterday’s atmosphere at the event was not as hot as today’s. Today I felt the whole audience was involved. I heard lots of people screaming “Come on Singapore!” or “Go Vietnam” etc. And surprisingly the loudest two supporters were given a Play Station 3 each!! Woo! Also at the break there were some board games going on near the pitch. Even in the break we could have amazing fuuuun 😉 FAB!!!

The teams are going to play for Tiger Street Football it Bangkok, Thailand (May) and go to Guangzhou, China (July), Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (August) and international grand finale in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (September)! How exciting 😉 If you ever have the opportunity I think it’s totally worth it.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Tiger Season ticket to get all the benefits. (It’s like a membership card and FREE!!!!)



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