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Mr.Hand’s desperation

31 May

Right now…..I would do anything for a beautiful nap!!!!


Today’s Mr.Sheep

29 May

Washing his face

Mr.Hand’s special instinct

26 May

Something fishy is going on………

Today’s Mr.Sheep

25 May

Being sentimental

Audi Fashion Festival 2011 – Francis Cheong

18 May

Thanks to OMY I had an amazing opportunity to join one of Audi Fashion Festival 2011’s fashion shows. This festival started on May 13th 2011 and closed May 18th 2011. And I attended Francis Cheong’s show on May 17th 2011.

Little surprises and great satisfaction is what it was!

The venue was Tent @ Orchard Ngee Ann Civic Plaza (not very huge space) so I was kind of worried if the event could be that exciting or not…. However, once I stepped in there,  I was almost embarrassed that I had been worried! Great atmosphere!!!!! There were many people who were enjoying refreshments such as cocktails, wine and coffee etc. Most of the staff who served  me were well trained and gave me a good first impression of the festival 🙂

After chilling out in the lounge we were all lead to the FASHION SHOW VENUE!!! Impressively this event kept bringing me great feelings and there were goodie bags placed on each chair. Of course it was Marie France Bodyline and Bella’s eye cream!!! The reason I’m saying of course for Marie France Bodyline is because this brand collaborates with Francis Cheong for his Spring/Summer 2011 Couture Collection show!!  As well as this present, this brand’s spokesperson Christy Chung was there to celebrate the event with us 🙂

Francis Cheong! His amazing evening dress looked so elegant!!! It’s a pleasure to watch collections of new season clothes but to see FABULOUS luxury night dresses is a totally different story. It was like watching the dresses in those princess movies!! I totally felt like I had fallen into a fairy tale world. Probably it’s better to show you pictures to tell this feeling, so here are some pictures of Francis Cheong and his AMAZIIING work!!

Have you already checked out his other collections? If not, visit to find more about his work 🙂

Enjoy the dream world!!!

Mr.Hand’s brag

16 May

I can drink 1 gallon’s of  Diet Coke within 10 second!!

Today’s Mr.Sheep

13 May

Doing yoga