What makes people understand things?

9 May

So here is the things. I have been wondering about it quite long time and time has come to release my wonder. “What makes people understand things”.

Compassion, experiences, knowledge, sensitivities, DNA, background and patience? Maybe we need more than these.

When it comes to academic, probably it relate with DNA and experiences. Some people just can’t get the point even they work really hard and some people can understand only having seen once or twice, it probably relate with DNA. To get to certain stage on academic area you need lots of experiences such as reading millions of books or sorting loads of difficult questions or memorizing many things.

When it comes to understand culture, probably it relate with background and experience. If the person never had experience with dealing with certain country people or living in certain country, it’s difficult to understand their custom, tendency. Probably that’s the reason whenever I go, I see same country people gather together to easy their life in abroad. It’s probably easier than hanging around with different background people every day.

When it comes to locations, probably it relate with experiences. It’s possible to get some sort of information by book or Internet but people never fully understand how it’s like to be here and there unless they go places by themselves. If someone have been in the place, they can just shut their eyes and remember the details.

When it comes to people’s mentality such as alcoholic, violence, difficulties of expression, depression and other kind of difficulties it probably it relate with compassion, experiences, knowledge and patience. It is easy to see the surface and judge how they are, however if you have lived with someone like these or have enough knowledge of those, probably how you see those people would change as well.  The people who had grow up without affections or had grown up with abusive environment often live with fear. When they are in the horrible environment they fear about current situation. Even after get out of those horrible environment, those people often live with anger, hater, fear hence they didn’t have enough affection, love and caring. Alcoholic people might be running away from the fear, anger and other feelings, violence happens because they might be trying to fight with something. Some people might have problem with expressing because they were not given opportunity to talk for long, they simply don’t know how to express themselves. That might lead to crying or shouting etc. Depression people might be trapped with those scary thoughts. Not having grown up the way they have, it’s nearly impossible to understand how it’s like to be like them or to understand those conditions are impossibly difficult unless people have experience those by themselves or seeing someone close like your family or relatives. Also to understand those people need huge amount of compassion and patience.

“Understanding” is maybe enriching our life.


4 Responses to “What makes people understand things?”

  1. F Ardern May 10, 2011 at 04:26 #

    This is very interesting Kyoko. There is a ‘mindfulness’ association. linked to Oxford University.
    Paul is helping with this. Please ask him more abput it – it fits in with what you have written I think.

    Hoping you have had a good evening – and that you and Tom are well.
    Will try to call you tomorrow.
    Lots of love,

    • Kyoko Hanamitiii May 11, 2011 at 01:44 #

      Fiona: I’ll try to contact with Paul on this Thursday!!! Excited to hear all about “mindfulness”



  2. F Ardern May 10, 2011 at 04:28 #

    ooops a typo…for ‘abput’ please read ‘about’…

  3. Fiona Reeves June 8, 2011 at 19:18 #

    Excellent Blog!

    It’s FUN, it’s exciting!
    Excitement & encouragement about living positively!

    Being happy – and philosophically coming to terms with our lives, enjoying working hard for the good of All – – and learning, in a fun way as we go along !

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