!!!Hanamitiii’s introductions of book will be started pretty soon!!!

10 May

I must confess that I had been super lazy recently……..Probably as lazy as a *Sloth!!! 😦

I used to be a book junkie, not a regular book junkie. SUPER HARD CORE book junkie I was!!!! Basically, whenever I had a spear time I was constantly reading books. Sometime it was on a train, when I was having a bath, oh yeah I was even reading books when I was eating (which was actually strictly prohibited at my family dinner table, sorry mother!)

Having experience those exciting and stimulating things, I’ve recently started to feel that my brain is kinda melting down without SUPER HARD CORE’S book sessions. My brain is NEEDING unusually strong stimulation!!! So I’ve decided to go back to my strict book reading sessions! Of course I will be sharing all amazing books’ information with you guys 🙂

Be ready for Hanamitiii’s hard core book selections 🙂




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