!!!!ASUS N-Series – Welcome to Hanamitiii World!!!!

10 Jun

As you know, on June 7th 2011, I went to SPH http://www.sph.com.sg/ to have a little secret meeting with one of OMY’s http://www.omy.sg/ members Alviniii!!!! As well as the other category, I, Hanamitiii am in the top ten finalists for the ASUS Best Tech Blog Award!!!!! Wooo on fire!!!! Again I would love to thank all Hanamitiii supporters/fans and, of course, the judges!

To get to know more about ASUS, I attended an ASUS presentation that day. Thank you for the presentation ASUS people!!! 🙂 It was super easy to understand about the company and products! Here is some information about ASUS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asus , http://www.facebook.com/asus.sg

Well…..I uploaded the welcome post about smart phone the other day and I thought it’s unfair not to welcome ASUS laptop! So here we are, let me show you how excited we, Hanamitiii members, are and how welcoming we are!!! 🙂

!!!Posh/sophisticated look of ASUS N-Series laptop!!! Super good looking right? Wana see inside too?? OK OK!!!It’s a shame I can’t show how light it is. But this ASUS laptop is pretty light (2.9 kg)!!!! For sure I can carry it around nearly everywhere!!!! How handy it would be!!! Oh ASUS laptop WELCOME TO HANAMITIII WORLD!!!!!


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