ASUS…..Thank you for being nice to my ear

16 Jun

Hey heeeey!! Isn’t this sound GREAT??? Oh hang on a minute! You might be not using ASUS N-Series 😦 !!!!! And you might be feeling as I felt the other day…..

When I joined ASUS presentation the other day, they told me how super ASUS laptop’s sound quality is. I’m sorry to say this but I was REALLY skeptical about this…..I seldom met someone/something super AMAZING after they told me how amazing they are!!!

Sonic Master it is: A brand new audio solutionYou are not sure what it is? Visit here to learn more:

To make sure I have played this hard-core song with couple of different laptops but yeah sound of  ASUS laptop was much better than others!!!! Sorry for being skeptical about your presentation ASUS staff!!! 😦 Literally other laptops made me feel what was I listen to???!!!

Please do make an opportunity to go to those IT geeky shops and try ASUS laptop!! I guarantee you would feel impressed 🙂 visit and “Like” it today 🙂


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  1. Fiona Reeves June 16, 2011 at 06:25 #


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