!!!Urgent news!!!

19 Jun

The annoying famous Mr.King Frog is injured!!!!

On June 18th around mid-night,
I wasn’t able to find Mr.King Frog on the bed.

I had been searching him entire Hanamitiii’s place but I coudn’t find him.
When I was about to call the police, I had seen tiny red things under the bed…..
I had a weird feeling when I saw the red object under the bed
and as I worried I saw something I didn’t want to see.

Mr.King Frog had been twisted an unusual way and I found one of his leg is injured pretty badly. He has been hospitalized right after I found him.

Doctors are still not sure how long it will take him to be better.
He is doing his best to recover from the shock and pain he had experienced.
He will be back Hanamitiii place once he is fully recovered.

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