You don’t like my posts? Well why don’t you NOT read them then?

20 Jun

Good evening. mmmm or good super early morning or good afternoon in your time. I’m sending you a super magical power. Muuaaaaaaa. Feeling some power? Well if you do, you might need a little vacation or take day off from work. Coz you are feeling something doesn’t exist!!! 


I think I have actually write about it before couple of months ago but I was tied up with trillions of stuffs to deal with and as usual I forgot about this post. Middle of this writing I’ve remember about it!!! Booooo. In a minute I thought it’s better NOT to post about similar thing again HOWEVER….I felt hey heeeey hey life is like this. Repeating same things and wonder why I’ve done it again! the following day. Beautifully meaningless…..Well well well. So let me repeat same thing again!!! Wooohooo!! Hanamitiii’s blog is in pretty good shape, I have got SUPER nice supporters and lots of people are REALLY supportive of what I’m doing. HOWEVER there were some random people who hasn’t been nice about it and they are still here!!! I have got couple of opportunities to meet up some bloggers or meeting up beautiful twitter makers, some of them told me that they have got same kind of problem too. 

???Why do you torture yourself???Seriously it’s like you are specifically choosing to go to the restaurant you don’t like and complain about it or choosing a clothe which you hate the most from your closet and constantly pointing at it and saying how much you hate it. When people have choices which are super easy to take, I wonder why can’t they just take the easiest option.

It’s not like you have to get along with your horrible boss to get by a day by or talking to a SUPER boring person to just sell a product. 

People has choice to write and people has choice NOT to read them as well. I just can’t understand some people read whole thing or even come back several times and complain. Wondering if it’s some sort of LOVE AND HATE thing… Or what?Everyone loves different things so why don’t we find something we love and admire about them rather than finding something we don’t like and putting all effort to hate them?


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