22 Jun

I, Hanamitiii is famous for as strong as boys or maybe famous for stronger than them. Though I know I’m still not physically as strong as guys. So I have decided to learn little bit about self-defense and Taekwondo the other day. How it’s going? AMAZING! I LOOOOVE it and I feel I can take great care of myself and feel super independent. 

HOWEVER as you can predict, fight against men is pretty hard. Firstly most of men are bigger than me and has more muscle than me!!!!

Before I go to the details, I must say “I’m very very sorry” to HTC and hope HTC will not exclude me from further events…..

Well as you know, desperation makes people to varies ways. And this desperation happened one practice day. In my defense, when it actually come to self-defense we girls gata use EVERYTHING to protect ourselves.

HTC smart phone….WAS THERE!!!! Super baseball fan, Hanamitiii didn’t miss to hit a weak point of the guy! Hah! It made little damage (well enough to have little time to escape) and landed on nice cozy mattress 🙂

I’ve heard from many people who are selling HTC smart phone about how strong this phone is and I always have been wondering about it until this hard-core fight!

Lemme show you the condition of the phone: See? Beautiful isn’t it? Here is another one Outside is as beautiful as brand new one 🙂 I’ve tried other functions of this HTC smart phone, they are working as fresh as morning sunshine! Waw

 Although I won’t do it ever again!! Sorry for my fight opponent and HTC 😦 But I’m glad that I could convince myself that HTC phone shop people were not telling me lie.

Carry around hard-core HTC smart phone! (Please do not use it as a weapon, the best way is to call the police when you are in trouble!)

For more information about this great HTC visit: or “Like”


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