Oh gosh, did they look like this and did I look like this!!??

25 Jun

ASUS laptop!! Probably good for beautiful people and might give little damage for…Well….not very pretty people.Shockingly, quality of the camera is quite good, well at least much much better than my current PC 🙂 Trier Hanamitiii was desperate to try this camera thingy (Can you see the camera on the top of the ASUS laptop?). So I downloaded Skype on this lappy and started to ring bunch of people 🙂 Wow wow this camera made me rethink about people who I know! Especially the people I haven’t met for ages! Gosh. Did they look like this?! (I mean good and bad…well….SORRY!!! 😦 ). Well, I’m pretty sure some people have this kind of reaction when they are speaking to me by using this laptop! Let’s hope I can get good review 😉



Just can’t get enough of ASUS? Then http://www.facebook.com/asus.sg “Like” it with massive smile! 🙂



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