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Find Mr.Black Frog

26 Jul
It was one evening. I, Hanamitiii had a plan to meet up with great Hanamitiii supporters and Mr.Frog and Mr.Black Frog…..
Clothes and make up – checked. ID, credit card and money – checked. I was SUPER ready for the night! 🙂 When I was JUST about to get out of a house with Mr.Frog and Mr.Black Frog, I’ve realized one important thing!!!!! Mr.Black Frog was missing…….:(
Can you find Mr.Black Frog with me????

Today’s Mr.Sheep

24 Jul

Keeping a journal

Preview screening of Bridesmaids – Almost impossible for chick-flick movie. Seriously,did she just say the word “Cu#@”??

21 Jul

“Hard-core chick-flick?” or “Impossible?!” or maybe there are no right words to describe this movie. As you can see from the title “Bridesmaids”, this movie is about marriage. HOWEVER, the focus of the movie is really on female friendship rather than male-female love.

Annie (Kristen Wiig) is a single woman sleeping with the over-confident guy Ted (Jon Hamm) which she hates because she wants to be in a committed relationship. She works in a jewelry store selling engagement rings and finding herself jealous of the happy couples who shop there struggles to sell well and dislikes her job. On top of her lousy love life and the job she hates, she lives with two odd room mates who make her depressing life even more “Perfect”. The only time she finds she can be herself is when she is with her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) that is until the day Lillian gets engaged…

At Lillian’s engagement party, Annie met her fellow bridesmaids: Lillian’s cousin Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey), Lilian’s friend Becca (Ellie Kemper), Lilian’s sister-in-law Megan (Melissa McCarthy) and Helen (Rose Byrne), the gorgeous wife of Lillian’s fiancĂ©’s boss. Then a battle between Helen and Annie kicks off to show who is the best friend of Lillian.

Annie takes Lillian and the bridesmaids to a Brazilian restaurant for lunch before they go to try their wedding clothes. The food there makes everyone except Helen(who didn’t touch her meat) ill with food poisoning…Oh god……I even can’t describe this shocking scene….(Some of you guys really might feel sick when watching this scene!). The match to be Lillian’s best friend escalates and her luck started to decline…They all fly to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party which completely smashes the relationship between Annie and Lillian. For good or for bad, she bumps into Nathan Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd), a friendly traffic cop who tried to give her a traffic fine before ending up with sleeping with him.

When Helen invites Annie for the bridal shower it pushed her totally, impossibly nutty!!!! In the middle of the party Lillian, the bride, forces crazy Annie out and she is not allowed to attend the wedding. When Annie became completely depressed sitting in front of the TV all day bridesmaid Megan finds her and tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself. Finally Annie realizes all her bad luck is actually possible to be changed by herself, and she tried her best to change things…

Do the things go smoothly? Nope. That’s the beauty of this movie. Real life is not as crazy as this movie, however the theme of the film is so like our life. Everything is up to you and things never goes as we plan.

Wanna know more about the details? Well then you better find it out by yourself. Seriously, in both a good and a bad way, it was definitely one of the most shocking and memorable movies I’ve ever seen. Some of you audience will love it and some of you really hate it! I suppose then it’s worth to take a risk?

Thank you for giving me this shocking and crazy experience the writer/director of Bridesmaids and OMY

Mr.Hand’s murmur

18 Jul

What!!!??? Surely I didn’t spend 200 bucks last night…

Burst…..Burst…!!!???Oh yeah Cheese Burst Crust!

14 Jul

Thank you to OMY(, I have got an invitation to taste cheesy cheesy “Cheese Burst Crust” at DOMINO’S PIZZA (

You might be wondering what “Cheese Burst Crust” is? Well, let me introduce you to “Cheese Burst Crust”

The Cheese Burst Crust is made with 4 fabulous layers. 1. Crunchy Thin Crust, 2. Creamy Cheddar Cheese Sauce, 3. Crunchy Thin Crust. 4. Toppings (Your choice).

And here are some examples of toppings, I have tried 4 different kinds of toppings. Lemme show you sexy looking pizzazzzz!!!!!

pepperoniHawaianPrawns and tomatoes (This topping is more expensive than others)Pepperoni with some veges and olives Looking pretty good right?

Great DOMINO’S actually gave me an opportunity to make my own pizza, and let me tell you something….. It was IMPOSSIBLY difficult to make one. Dough didn’t spread the way I wanted! (Usually staffs are given at least 3 months training to master to make a pizza, hard-trained pizza staff!! Love you guys hard-core training style!!! :))

DOMINO’S PIZZA is introducing the cheese Burst Meal for a limited time. For s$39.80 (include GST, delivery cost), the meal comes with 1 Regular Cheese Burst Pizza, 1 Regular Pizza of your choice, 1 chocolate Lava Cake, and a choice of either 1 Twisty Bread (6pcs) or 1 BreadStix or 1 CinnaStix. On the top of this, when you order the Cheese Burst Meal via on-line, Golden Roasted Drummet or Crazy Chicken Crunchies Spicy Tom Yam is currently 50 percent off!! How great is this!!!Are you ready to open your PC now? Go to and have some easy cheesy time!!! 🙂

Simple beefy beef

13 Jul

Beef is great nutrition source of Zinc, Iron and other amazing stuffs. Great simple food lover Hanamitiii is gona introduce this simple beefy beef today.

Ingredient; Beef fillet – 2 slices, broccoli – 2 heads, Potatoes – 4-5, Sage – 4 tea spoon, Rosemary – 4 tea spoon, Butter – 1 tea spoon, Salt – 5 pinches, Olive oil – 2 tea spoon

1.Separate Broccoli into small heads. Peal potatoes and cut them quarters.

2. Boil water (Make sure to use big pot), when it starts to make big bubbles add 1 pinch of Salt and potatoes and wait 8-12 minutes. After 8-12 minutes add Broccoli in this potatoes’ pot and wait another 3 minutes. Remove them from boiled water.

3. Spread Olive oil on a frying pan and wait till it get hot. Lay Beef fillet and spread 1 pinch of Salt, 2 tea spoon of Sage, 1 tea spoon of Rosemary on each slice. Put the lid on the top of the pan and wait around 2,3 minutes and turn over and do the same as other side. Put the lid and wait another 2,3 minutes.

4. Spread butter on a frying pan and add No.2 and stir about 1 minute.

5. Lay 3,4 on a plate.

Have a nice beefy beef.

*Minutes for Beef fillet was for medium rare, adjust minutes depend on how you like the Beef fillet.

Mr.Hand’s shout

12 Jul

Oh god…….Get a F’ life!!!!!