Simple beefy beef

13 Jul

Beef is great nutrition source of Zinc, Iron and other amazing stuffs. Great simple food lover Hanamitiii is gona introduce this simple beefy beef today.

Ingredient; Beef fillet – 2 slices, broccoli – 2 heads, Potatoes – 4-5, Sage – 4 tea spoon, Rosemary – 4 tea spoon, Butter – 1 tea spoon, Salt – 5 pinches, Olive oil – 2 tea spoon

1.Separate Broccoli into small heads. Peal potatoes and cut them quarters.

2. Boil water (Make sure to use big pot), when it starts to make big bubbles add 1 pinch of Salt and potatoes and wait 8-12 minutes. After 8-12 minutes add Broccoli in this potatoes’ pot and wait another 3 minutes. Remove them from boiled water.

3. Spread Olive oil on a frying pan and wait till it get hot. Lay Beef fillet and spread 1 pinch of Salt, 2 tea spoon of Sage, 1 tea spoon of Rosemary on each slice. Put the lid on the top of the pan and wait around 2,3 minutes and turn over and do the same as other side. Put the lid and wait another 2,3 minutes.

4. Spread butter on a frying pan and add No.2 and stir about 1 minute.

5. Lay 3,4 on a plate.

Have a nice beefy beef.

*Minutes for Beef fillet was for medium rare, adjust minutes depend on how you like the Beef fillet.


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