The Eastern Restaurant – Looking for something good and reasonable?

16 Aug

Together with Flaunt PR & Communications  I recently attended a tasting at The Eastern Restaurant

The feast started with a few of dishes and of those I was really shocked by this!Looks like an average noodle dish doesn’t it? But this noodle’s true identity is something similar to bean curd! I was really impressed that they are always trying to cook something that tastes good and is interesting. (It’s still not on the menu, lets hope they will put in the menu sometime very soon :))

I got to try trillions of nice food that day but let me introduce Hanamitiii’s recommendable dishes in this restaurant.

Noodles, noodles and noodlesssss!!The secret of these noodles are that they are all HAND-MADE from scratch! You can see how they are making them at the restaurant which is another thing you can enjoy at this place 🙂 It was just beautiful to see one big dough become thin layers of noodles!

And of course Tim Sum! If you are not sure what to eat, go with

Eastern Restaurant Xiao Long Bao

and Wanton with hot chili sauce! Those are definitely something that most everyone loves! Classic and has some kick flavors. 

For desert, you could try famous Flowing Custard Bun!!! Custard is made with salted egg yolks.Wondering about the inside? Well you better find it out by yourself!

The Eastern Restaurant
176 Orchard Road, #01-57 Centrepoint
Contact: 6736 2638
Their blog:

🙂 Join their Facebook and Twitter!/easternrSG to get 5% discount! 🙂


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