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Mr.Hand’s murmur

29 Sep…..6 baldies with variety of horrible wigs…Why do you guys hide your shinny head…I would say stay bald and stay cool.


Find Mr.Frog :)

26 Sep

Oh, mangoes, mangoes and mangoes, how sweet and rich you guys are!!!! I’m so glad you guys are here to enrich my life. I don’t know how long I was standing in front of these gorgeous mangoes…Well OBVIOUSLY long enough to make Mr.Frog board…….It was kinda too late when I noticed…….

Mr.Frog have gone somewhere…..!!!!….Without telling me……

Can you please find Mr.Frog with me?

Mr.Hand’s little concern

23 Sep

You know what? I think I’m getting little bald…………..

Today’s Mr.Sheep

21 Sep

Having a dream moment

Find Mr.Frog

18 Sep

Coffee, coffee, COOOFEEEEE! My body was crying for caffeine! I boiled water and put coffee powder in a coffee machine.Coffee Coffee! The coffee is almost ready!! I was about to reach for my favorite Mr.Hand cup… then I realized that the precious cup was missing from the kitchen! Tick-tack Tick-tack, the coffee would be ready anytime soon and I started to panic!!! My Mr.Hand CUPPPPP!!!!After searching everywhere I found the cup with Mr.Black Frog.mmmmm

Mmmmmm……. My instinct was telling me that something was not right and it took me a few seconds to figure out what… YES, he was missing!

The needy green frog……HE WAS MISSING!I left the place quietly and refused to look for him.  Do you think you can you find him for me???

Mr.Hand’s compliment

15 Sep

I love your awkward wig, uncle!!!!!

Love the truth about our food – The McDonald’s Open Doors kitchen tour!

12 Sep

Wohooooo!!!! Are you happy!? I am! and Ronald too!I’m on fire and Ronald is on fire AND McDonald’s is ready to make you feel high and happy too! The McDonald’s Open doors kitchen tour is baaaaaackkkk and thank to my friend Catherine and Golin Harris!/ I have got an opportunity to visit them before they start to invite customers 🙂 Thank you!

AAAANNND I couldn’t resist to share this whole new experience with you!!!

Welcome to the secret of McDonald!Back in old years McDonald’s used to make its meals BEFORE receiving an order from its customers. This was so they could serve the customers very quickly. However, to provide more freshness and satisfaction, McDonald’s have changed to the “Made-For You” system. Customers can ask for “No pickles” or “No tartar sauce” or “Extra lettuce” etc. So they have changed the system so they first get an order then start to make the meal.When I heard this story, I wasn’t sure how they could manage to do this system so well, because I rarely wait a long time at McDonald’s…..UNTIL I went inside the kitchen!Super automatized and efficient assembly-line, they have!!! In the kitchen there are 3 crews who deal with baby burgers (Beef: zero additives and fillers/Fillet-o-Fish: 100% vegetable oil which contain zero cholesterol)1: When the counter gets an order, it will be displayed on the screen. The 1st crew starts to prepare the bread bun. 2: The 2nd crew put the veggies and sauces on the toasted bread. 3: The 3rd crew place the patties (cooked automatically by a machine) on the bread, wrap it up and pass it to the counter to be served.

Most of the time the French Fries (100% vegetable oil which contain zero cholesterol) are already ready to be served (Maximum left here less than 10 minutes) and as you know all beverages are located near the counter. Having known how the food is made, you might be wondering HOW CLEAN McDonald’s is. There are new things I have found on this tour.

1. Managers and crew are obliged to wash their hands once every hour. From fingertips to elbow for at least 20 seconds.2. There are 2 different gloves for preparation; Blue gloves are for raw products and white gloves are for cooked food.On the McDonald’s Open Doors kitchen tour as well as the kitchen, you can also get to see a store room and staff room! Wana have a little sneak peek? Well better find it out by yourself!

Register now to have a peek at little McDonald’s world!

Don’t forget to try the brand new Holicks Mcflurry to make your day more perfect 🙂More about McDonald’s visit: