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27 Oct



Which is Mr.Frog??!!!

25 Oct

Oh god, I know it’s just silly but he was way too cute on this picture!!!! Mr.Frog with bright green sweets!! How cute this collaboration is! 🙂

By the way, can you tell which is Mr.Frog???

Time to be chilled with fear!!! – FrightFest@Singapore Flyer

22 Oct

Hot, hot and hot! It’s nearly the end of October but the tropical country of Singapore never has a break! Still hot and humid, it is. Going to a nice cozy pool? Staying indoors all day and freezing yourself with impossibly strong air-conditioner? I actually have a better idea!

FrightFest@Singapore flyer! 🙂

Tickets  includes entry into Rain forest, free ride of Singapore Flyer and 1 Special Halloween Brew (non-alcoholic). For more information please click the following link 🙂

Together with OMY ( I had an opportunity to try this scary experience! Please let me introduce you to a tiny bit of this special occasion! 🙂At the entrance of the rain forest, you can already feel the fear :0. There is a horrifying doll which looks so real! and scary signsInside the forest there are ghosts from all different countries and cultures as well as body parts and other scary stuff! Lemme show you a video of a lady ghost!

The great thing about the ghosts were, they are super scary but at same time they are friendly too! When I asked them to take a photo with me, they agreed with me nicely! If you want to take a super spooky picture with the ghosts and show them off to your friends, ask them nicely and they will be delighted to take a picture with you 🙂I’m glad we managed to complete this forest trip safely, especially as a long long long hair lady approached me and chased me, I thought I was gonna cry 😦 Seriously, all the ghosts there look super creepy!

With this ticket, you can also enjoy the great opportunity to hop on the Singapore Flyer!The Singapore Flyer is the biggest ferris wheel in the world. It is as tall as a 42 story building! The total height is 165 m (541 ft), which is 5 m (16 ft) taller than the Star of Nanchang and 30 m (98 ft) taller than the London Eye!

The location of the Singapore Flyer is at the southeast tip of the Marina Centre which provides you with a fabulous view. You are able to see from shiny Singapore city area to the Indonesian islands of Batam and Bintan, as well as Johor, Malaysia.

28 passengers can be held in each air-conditioned capsule, and the whole amazing trip of the wheel takes about 37 minutes.

For more details: []

And don’t forget to find out about a secret drink called Special Halloween Brew (non-alcoholic, this drink is also included in the ticket), (This picture is not an actual picture of Halloween Brew)Wondering about the rain forest trip and amazing view from Singapore Flyer ANDDDDD the look and taste of the Special Halloween Brew? Well it’s time for you to find out by yourself 🙂

Enjoy your chilled summer trip at Singapore Flyer! 🙂

Mr.Hand’s little appeal

19 Oct

Seriously, it should be illegal to wear those clothes

Don’t you think Mr.Google is little ignorant sometimes??!!!

16 Oct

Dear. Mr. GoogleLet me tell you something very clear, I’m a HUGE Google user and I love spending little time with you! I almost feel we are best pals relationship by now.BUT, NONONO believe me Mr.Google doesn’t make this easy at all. Well…..Mr.Google is famous for great knowledge and ridiculous amount of information and we ALL love it! HOWEVER sometimes he has very ignorant attitude.

For example when I type Hanamitiii,  Mr.Google says “DID YOU MEAN —“. Seriously I know he says it to everyone in this planet and I shouldn’t take it so personal but every time I see it I get upset. You know what Mr.Google, You DON’T have to say such a harsh way. You could say like “There are another options—” or “Related website. 1—–, 2——, 3——–” something like theses.

AND the most annoying thing about this is, he says ” OH DID YOU MEAN—??” Even when I type in right thing!!! Every time I have to tell him back. “No, you are wrong, wrong, WRONG! I MEANT exactly what I typed!”

Oh Google, Google, Mr.Google. Why are you so smart and ignorant sometimes!?

Today’s Mr.Sheep

13 Oct

Having a hard-core ride

Mr.Hand’s little anger

7 Oct

Oh man, see this is the reason I didn’t wana come to the golf thing today. Why does everyone tuck their shirt in the shorts???